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My husband and I had been staying at my in-laws for three days before I fucked my father in law. It was a long time coming considering at our wedding I sucked his cock behind the reception venue. 6-5, 250 pounds of silver fucking fox. Truthfully, he’s hotter than my husband. A fine age wine version of my husband. I cant lie either, I put forth a lot of thought of how Id get the chance to fuck my father in law. Finally after the 3rd night of staying these, and learning his routine of hot tea around midnight I devised my slutty plan to fuck my father in law. I dressed in my sluttiest lingerie and waited, reading by the Christmas tree downstairs.

When he came down the stairs, I saw his 10 inch erect cock first. I startled him but that scare quickly switched to happily surprised. I dropped to my knees when he walked into the room, and he knew no words needed to be said.

He grabbed me by the hair on the top of my head and shoved his cock into my mouth.

To be honest, I wanted to suck my father in laws dick. Wanted , or maybe needed, to fuck my father in law. I wanted to take my father in law in my ass. Okay yes, needing him to use every single hole of mine for whatever he wanted sexually. Continuously I felt his big huge throbbing cock sliding down my throat. I focused breathing thru my nose so I wouldn’t gag too much and could suck him off like he deserved. I know his cunty, little snob wife was a prude and I wanted to act like his own personal little slut.

He sat down on the couch, pulling me up to straddle him.

Thankfully, I was about to fuck my father in law and my pussy was throbbing for him. I started by stroking is cock and pushing it into my tight, wet, warm pussy. Clit throbbing, I needed his cock. As I pushed him inside of me I told him how his cock was so much bigger than his son’s. I felt him start to fuck me harder. As he slid in and out of me, I told him he owned my pussy, not his son. I was his slut. This was his Christmas present. Me, ready to fuck my father in law.

At this point my pussy is dripping and he pushes up into me even deeper


Im holding my breath as I take his cock, rough, hard and right exactly on my g spot. I wanted to moan so loud and release everything built up inside me but I didn’t want to risk the chance of never being able to fuck my father in law again. Biting down onto his shoulder as I continued riding him pushing him deep. I cannot take it anymore, my pussy grips onto his hard throbbing cock and starts milking it as I start to cum all over him. Quietly scream into his shoulder, him pushing my mouth into him trying to silence me. I feel him release and cream pie my pussy.

Happy Holidays, I just fucked my father in law…and I liked it. I need more.

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