I got up just like any other day, but when I did I twisted the wrong way and I pulled something in my back. I said ok I will just go take a nice hot shower. I must of been in there for at least a half an hour. It loosened up some, but wasn’t exactly where it needed to be. So I grabbed the phone book and found a chiropractor made an appoint for that day. This tall, handsome man comes in, I explain to him I just moved wrong, he adjusted my back and it felt awesome. He said now you should go get a massage your super tight he recommended a lady that he goes to. So once I got out to my car I phoned her up her name was Michelle she answered and I told her the chiropractor recommended her, she said ok no problem I do this out of my house but I am licensed is that ok with you I said sure no problem. So I show up, she Michelle lets me in and brings me down to her basement that’s where she does all her massage business. I had to say she was beautiful and she just dressed in everyday clothes I guess that was the perks of working at home. She had on short short and a tank top. She instructed me to get naked, She put on some soft music and had some aroma therapy going it was very relaxing if I must say so. She left as to give me a little privacy. I got undressed and laid on the table and put the sheet over me. She came in and asked if I was ready I said yes, she got some warm oil and poured it on me that felt real erotic I must say. She started on my back, neck and shoulders, massaging all the oil in it felt like a ton of bricks were lifted from my shoulders it felt so good. She then moved to my ass and legs when she poured that warm oil on my ass and legs some of it dripped right down to my pussy I was instantly aroused. She started massaging my ass cheeks while doing so, her finger would go into the crease and graze over my pussy I was so damn wet she went all the way down to my feet. She then said ok is now turning over I turned over she poured the oil on my chest and massaged my breast my nipples were as hard as diamonds I could tell by the smile on her face she was happy and excited I think just as much as I was. She then poured more oil on my tummy and legs, she massaged all the oil in then she said your almost done only one more spot to go. She took the oil and poured it on my pussy and told me to spread my legs and she began to rub my pussy fingering it and rolling my clit right around in a circle. She kept doing it until I came all over the table. I thanked her and booked another appointment for the following week.

Capricorn erogenous zones Haleyp7