One of my best gifts to myself is my Venus butterfly vibrator. It is a hands free personal massager. Of course, it is one of my favorite toys and I love using it all the time.

The hardest part about using it is keeping a straight face. You see, I love wearing it to every event. School events for the grandkids, weddings, funerals, and more. Hahaha…I am a naughty bitch!

I cum so many times wearing that mother fucker and it is a blast having it on all day. Especially when I am around a room full of prudes. It is exquisite cumming as they all look so sour and grumpy.

Although, I have to keep my self-composure and not give away my amazing hands free personal massager fun!

One thing I love doing and tend to get in trouble for is fucking men at events. Strangers are the most fun. However, getting caught upsets a shit ton of people.

And, it can embarrass those I love and I don’t want to do that to my kids and grandkids. Extended family can kiss my ass but not my family. Hahaha. So, I did some research and found my new little friend.

Yep, my hands free personal massager. This venus butterfly vibrator straps onto me and has a remote control. So, if I am with someone, he can control the fun too.

Of course, that can get out of hand if he is as naughty as me.

One of my fuck friends had me on the edge of my seat at a wedding last week. Oh, my, fucking, God, it was so insane! That crazy-ass kept hitting the remote too high so I would cum and cum. No more controller for him!

He can sit there and watch me get off. That way he gets a bit of tease and denial while I am cumming. Since he was abusing his hands free personal massager control time, I got to deny him some.

Needless to say, he is not getting the controller back anytime soon!  I love having taboo GILF pleasures with my friends. However, I like teasing them too. And, he enjoys it as well.

He knows that when we get home the hands free personal massager comes off and his dick gets to do all the work!

And, this fuck friend has a huge cock that he knows how to use. We have been playing together for a long time. We know each other and what gets us off. So, when it comes to our sexcapades we have a blast!

With my GILF phone sex, everyone gets to have fun! Because I don’t have any limits, I am open to whatever fantasy you bring me. Of course, you have to be willing to share it with me.

One thing about my hands free personal massager, it just does its job without any issues. I fucking love how it works. It quietly sits on my pussy as all these people are right there and no one is the wiser.

Would you enjoy controlling my toy? Call me and let’s have some fun!