I love fucking myself.

Masturbation is pretty much my favorite hobby, being the sexy ‘lil freak I am! I have no problem admitting that I have a sexual addiction – and I don’t want therapy! I love anything and everything that makes my pussy wet and feels good! Lately, my pregnancy hormones are making even more insatiable than I already am!

I discovered a masturbation pregnancy perk on the phone with one of my callers last night! I really get into all my calls, but this guy in particular turns me on a LOT. He’s white, but we won’t hold that against him. =) Despite this fact, he still has a HUGE cock, and he always jerks it on cam for me. (You know who you are, and you know I love you AND your big dick!)

Anyway, last night, I was watching him sling that big fucker around on cam. The way he gets into it makes my pussy gush even when I’m not pregnant, so needless to say, last night my juices were running down the insides of my thighs just from seeing that dick! He was extra horny and ready to go, and only had time for a quickie. I pleaded for cam though. Knowing that watching him pump that fat cock and shoot his cum halfway across the room would make ME cum hard, and probably more than once!

I hadn’t even taken off my panties, let alone started touching myself when he pulled out his prostate stimulator. Man that thing makes him go crazy! I knew I was in for a wild ride. My pussy was actually throbbing, and dripping wet as I watched him slide it into his eagerly waiting asshole. I was breathing heavily and pinching my extra-sensitive newly pregnant nipples as he tightened his grip on that fat rod and started going to work on it! His moans got louder and he threw his head back, jerking hard and pumping that toy in and out of his asshole like a man possessed.

I felt an aching deep inside my pussy that I normally don’t feel until I’ve been fucking myself for a while – 2 or 3 fingers, or my dildo shoved deep inside like a good little masturbation addict. It felt like the tip of someone’s tongue had been teasing at my g-spot for the last hour! My pussy ached, cried out for release as my eyes were glued to that hard cock. His hips were bucking up now, shoving his cock into his hand. I could see that it was slick with his precum. I unconsciously pinched and pulled at my nipples a bit harder.

My moaning and dirty cooing into his ear over the phone finally pushed him over the edge. As ribbons of his cum shot out in hot, thick streams, I felt myself go over the edge as well! I was shocked at the sudden release, especially since I wasn’t even touching my pussy! But I went with it, and omg, it was one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had – during masturbation OR while getting fucked!

Intrigued? Wanna know if I can do it again?
Me too! Call me, and we’ll try it out together!

Your hands-free masturbation addict,

MILF Phone Sex!