Handcuffed And Used

Have you ever handcuffed your girlfriend to the kitchen table then invited your friends over to use her however they wanted? No? Well, maybe it’s something you could think about doing instead of the usual, boring dinner party. Although your girlfriend might be too much of a prude to enjoy it. Me? I was a bit annoyed at first because my boyfriend kept it a secret but that didn’t last long and soon I was having a great time.

I was in the kitchen staring in the fridge and trying to decide what to do for dinner when my boyfriend came up behind me. He shut the door, moved me away and we started making out. I just love surprise sex! He started to undress me and when I went to undo his top he pushed my hands away and told me that he was in charge tonight. When my clothes were lying on the floor he turned me around and bent me over the table. I heard a clink and felt cold steel around my ankles as he handcuffed each of them to a table leg.

Thank God we have more than one pair, they come in handy. He then came to my side and showed me the rope. He tied it around one wrist then went to the other side, tying it to my other wrist. I was handcuffed and tied to the table. I waited but he left. Had no idea what he had planned but then I heard the doorbell.

I heard some voices as they came into the kitchen.

“Sam and Jason are here,” he told me. “I thought they could join us for dinner.” Fucking smart ass. I felt a hand on my ass and it rubbed me then slid lower until it got to my pussy. It felt nice being touched by a stranger and I started to get wet. He pushed a finger inside me and fingered me as he said: “You’re girlfriend’s such a slut.” He slid a second finger in and pumped them until my juices were dripping down me. He then took his fingers out, showed my boyfriend and said: “Look how wet she is for me.” He stuck his fingers in my mouth and made me suck them clean.

I heard a zipper go down and felt a hard dick rub against my ass cheeks. “Do you like that?” Jason asked and I nodded. I was hoping he’d fuck me when he said: “I’m not ready to fuck you yet.”. I saw Jason go over to the counter and grab a wooden spoon out of the holder. He got behind me and whacked me with it. It hurt and I whimpered as he did it again but harder. I felt my body rub against the table as my body shook with each smack. My ass was burning from the pain and I knew it would hurt like hell tomorrow.

I was moaning and my arms were killing me from lack of movement when a phone went off.

Sam looked at his phone and saw it was his girlfriend texting him, wondering where he was. He said he’d better go and left. That kind of broke the party up because Jason said he’d better go home too before the wife started bugging him so it was just me and my boyfriend. He can use me whenever he wants so the fun went out of it.

He undid the handcuffs and rope then helped me into a chair.

My arms and legs were killing me as I slowly moved them, getting the blood flowing again. “We still need to eat. Why don’t you make some pasta?” he said. As if I was going to cook after all that. “Fuck off and order a pizza,” I told him as I began to put my clothes back on.

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