Handcuffed Face Down And Ass Up

I was such a bad girl last night, my ass was in the air and I was face down on the bed while I got fucked like a whore. I called up one of my dirtiest fuck buddies and told Dave to come over and give me a good fucking and let me tell you, he didn’t disappoint. Oh ya, I was handcuffed too.

   He came over with only three items: a spreader bar and two pairs of handcuffs. He told me to get naked and he watched while I undressed. When I was done he grabbed my arm and pushed my face down on the bed. “Stay,” he told me and I kept my face pressed into the pillow. I could hear his clothes being taken off then he grabbed one of my ankles. He put it in the restraint that was attached to the spreader bar then did my other ankle. When my ankles were far apart he grabbed my hips and yanked me onto my knees.
He reached between my legs and grabbed my arms, pulling them down so that my wrists were in between my ankles. He handcuffed my wrist and attached it to a little metal loop on the spreader, then did the same to my other wrist. My tits were squeezed between my arms and the bed and I squirmed, trying to ease the pressure. It didn’t help and my arms were starting to ache from this position.

I felt Dave get on the bed behind me and I bit the pillow as he smacked my ass.

He did it hard and my body rocked forward from the force of it. I muffled my cries of pain as he smacked me again and again until my ass was burning hot. I turned my head to the side to finally get my breath when he shoved into my pussy with one go. It hurt and I bit my lip as he roughly parted my pussy lips and dragged along my walls. It felt like I was being torn into two as he rammed into me non-stop. Then my pussy started to get soaked and I wanted more.
This was a perfect clit hitting position and I eagerly took the fucking he gave me. All I wanted was to push back and impale myself on the dick of his but I couldn’t because of the restraints. Hair fell in my face as I tried to breathe and my face kept getting shoved into the pillow. I had no control over my body and my clit was sending shocks through me. It wasn’t long before I was cumming but Dave wasn’t done with me yet and kept pounding away. My orgasm lasted forever and I barely got a chance to recover before I felt my next one coming.

It was so close when Dave started to cum. He gave a few hard thrusts before cumming deep inside me and it was just enough to make me cum again.

When he was done with me he undid the restraints. I curled up into a ball to try and ease my aching arms and shoulders. Dave sat beside me and grabbed my hair, forcing me to look at him. He had a smile on his face as he said: “Next time I don’t think I’ll let you cum.” Cumming is my favorite thing in the world but I can’t wait for next time.

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