This Halloween There Will Be Teasing

Have you got your Halloween sweet treat yet? I got all sorts of tricks and treats waiting for you. One of my favorite holidays is here and finally I can dress like a slut and get away it in public. Dressing like a slut in public only comes one time a year so I go all out. My first treat is to greet you wearing something sexy. I haven’t decided what I’ll be naughty nurse, playboy bunny, or maybe a cheerleader. I’m open to suggestions but I know stockings and heels are a plus. Every man loves a woman who can take care of his every need like a naughty nurse can then again we fantasize about the girl in the magazines like the playboy bunny but let’s not forget how hot the teen cheerleader is.

Since I can’t decide between the three I bought all the costumes. I can be anything and everything you want me to be. You don’t have to be lonely this Halloween cum get a taste of my Halloween sweet treat. I’d love to knock on your door wearing my slutty costume and watch as your mouth waters. You should hear the way I say trick or treat it sounds so hot and seductive. Don’t be surprised when I find an excuse for you to let me in and I seduce then tease you. It’s not candy I’m looking for this year. After working my way through the door you’ll try to work your way into my panties. I’m an attention whore so I’ll love the way you’ll desperately want me. The best part is I’m going to tease you until the very end.

Watching you squirm as I slowly taunt you gets me off. I won’t give away my entire plans for you but it’s going to be hot. My goal is to make you beg for the tease to stop because you have had all you can take. There is only one way to see if you can survive my Halloween sweet treat surprise. Let’s make this Halloween better than the rest while indulging in new role plays together. I’m dying to get wet for you as you jerk off for me. Happy Halloween.

Kinky Kelsey