With all the costume parties starting, Halloween sex can get started earlier..

Halloween sex is usually reserved for the night of Halloween, but this year it lands on a Monday! That’s no fun, and you know all the parties will be on the weekend before it, anyway. So I figured, why not start my party a little earlier and really enjoy the entire month? I love roleplaying and dressing up, so why the hell would I wait? My friend-with-benefits doesn’t seem to mind when I’m feeling a little naughty and send him some surprise dirty pictures of my costumes, anyway. His favorite so far? Catwoman. There’s no doubt about it, he has a fetish for the leather and shiny black boots. He also has a weakness for my nails, which are usually long anyway, but I paint them black just to go along with that look. And when I dress up like that, I am not submissive. I think he likes that part the most, with me taking control and rocking his world.. teasing him, stripping down little by little, and really letting him sit back and enjoy the Halloween sex.
He even started dressing up for me too. He took a spectator view the first few times, and then decided he couldn’t control it, he wanted to play along and roleplay too. That’s when it really started getting fun. The first day he tried it, he dressed up as a cop and I got to play around with being Catwoman again.. Purring, giving him little smirks, and at one point even handcuffing him to the bed to turn the tables on him and tease him for the rest of the night. Just little touches, kisses, bites, and everything I could think of. I stripped him down and went grinding against him for hours, knowing he was trembling and begging to fuck me, and I still wouldn’t let him in.. ♥

Come play with me.

Taboo Phone sex with Kali