Candy is so overrated, that’s why I started Halloween Fuck Fest. Why would I go door to door getting candy when I can get cum door to door?

So, my night has begun and I am taking a breather to write this little update on how it is going. I have already been to over twenty houses. My outfit is killer! These see-through crotchless lacy panties I have on are easy to see under my skirt. I do not even have to bend down in order for someone to see a treat of their own. My Halloween Fuck Fest is getting dirtier by the second. The first house I went to, there was an older man that opened the door. His wife stupidly left him at home to hand out candy while she took their little brat around the hood. “Trick or treat give me something good to eat.” He, of course, loved the sound of that. He tries to put candy in my bucket and I put my hand over the hole, blocking his attempt.

“Um, Sir, I was hoping you had something sweet and maybe stickier for me?”

He certainly hesitates, longer than I expect. “Mind if I cum in?” He does not stop me as I enter and push the door closed behind me…

I drop down to my hands and knees. Before I unleash the monster hiding away in his pants, I spread my legs open. My crotchless panties spread apart exposing my so slippery wet pink pussy lips. As he stares in amazement I take out his cock and stuff him right down my throat. Past my tonsils, I suck and lather up his big pole. The Halloween Fuck Fest has now begun. Bobbing my head up and down the length of his fuck-stick, I can taste that juice. His cum tastes so sweet! Taking my bucket, I put it right under his cock head after I pop him out of my mouth. Tugging that cock, I finally make it explode. Shooting all of that sticky sappy candy out.

I wipe my mouth with my arm, smile and take off with my treat. 

Time to hit up the neighbors! I might have started this year’s Halloween Fuck Fest a tad early. I can not help it though! I’m eager to get as many cum loads as I can. Therefore, I make my way to the neighbor’s house and what a treat, he has a massive cock.

After I take it in my mouth how could I not stuff it so deep inside of my tight pussy? He takes advantage of my crotchless panties, splitting me in half with his cock. Lucky for me, my screams are being muffled by the noise of the haunted houses nearby because I do not hold back. I keep cumming on his cock despite the fact that little trick or treater’s keep ringing the doorbell and peeking in his window. They must think I am part of some gore scene. My body is getting yanked aggressively back and forth as he hammers himself inside of me.

Omg, I think he is going to creampie me! My pussy takes his massive load, overflowing my pussy hole. 

Finally, he is done, I stand up carefully because I am trying not to waste a drop of cum. I squat over the bucket and push out as much of his juice as I can. There is no way I am going to waste any Halloween Fuck Fest cum this year! I am sure you must be wondering what I am going to be doing with this cum after my bucket is full to the brim? Bathe in it! That’s right. I’m going to stuff it in my holes and rub it into my body. I want my pores to be soaked with so much in jizz. I love and crave being a naughty and nasty little cum slut!

Sadly, Halloween Fuck Fest only comes once a year, but I am really glad I am off to a great start this year. Next year, maybe I should try it out at the hospital shadowing my mom again. I know my pussy will cum so hard having hot hospital sex next Halloween.

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