.Every year the cum slut husband and I throw our friends a Halloween fuck fest. All of our swinger friends and any extras people want to invite come to our lodge cabin and have a spooky good time. This year I even hired some scare actors and set up a haunted wood trail. We decided our costumes this year were a slutty Snow White and her submissive Prince Charming. I also set up a wicked treat for him during the party.

Deciding to arrange for seven guys to come to the party dressed as the seven dwarfs and I was going to have them bang me in front of everyone. The phone sex I’ve been having lately really made me crave to let my freak side out! I am going to put on a sexy show. Then I am going to get gangbanged by the seven dwarfs. My husband is going to be so turned on! I couldn’t wait. Having hot cuckold sex in front of all our friends at our Halloween fuck fest has always been a fantasy of mine.

We have had threesomes and gone and done plenty of kinky things at sex parties. But this was a first we both have been wanting for a long time now. I’d have private gangbang shows for him but never in front of a crowd for him.  And the Halloween fuck fest was the perfect occasion. My pussy was aching more and more every day. And keeping this a secret from him was damn near unbearable! The day of I was a soaking mess and couldn’t sit still.

This was going to be a Halloween fuck fest for the records!

Everyone started showing up and the real fun was about to begin. Seeing all of my friends dressed up and ready to party was amazing. So many unique costumes too. People were dancing and talking and just having a great time. The haunted forest was a hit and the thrill had so many getting horny. Sometimes there is nothing like being scared to make you want to Halloween fuck!

Then my seven dwarfs showed up and I called everyone into the fuck room. I had the room done to look like the enchanted forest and there were plenty of places to Halloween fuck. My seven dwarfs were standing and sitting on the main fuck stage. My husband got on his throne. I got to my knees and started sucking and stroking the dwarfs.

Feeling the dwarfs strip me of my clothes and start to grab and rub my body. Two men slid their fingers inside of me. Finger fucking me as my pussy dripped all over. Bending me over so one of them could start fucking me as I gagged on another’s cock. His cock was pounding me hard and fast. Looking around quickly to see most of my friends fucking along with us.

This swingers fuck fest is a success!

I had my husband come down and eat me clean. Riding and grinding his face. His tongue was deep inside me to get every drop. It had me cumming again all over his face. “Did you enjoy our Halloween fuck fest?” I asked him. Looking around at all of our friends, he nodded. “Of course I did, this was the best one yet!”