This is my favorite time of year. Cooling temperatures, spooky overcast nights with the winds and fallen leaves blowing. Of course, it is also time for our Halloween family fun!

My entire family loves the season as I do. And, why wouldn’t they? I am the matriarch. Lots of neighborhood parties and events. Also, the trick or treating for the younger ones.

Then, for the adults, masquerade parties are always a blast. Now that my kids and grandson are adults we are all able to attend and participate in the Wilson family swinging shindig.

They know how to have some serious Halloween family fun!

I love that they are open to everyone and anyone swinging together. Meaning the adult family members are open to having as much fun as they want in an orgy pile.

Of course, they love coming to my wild GILF party events too. Those parties are my chance to help my shy neighbors to cut loose. So many of them want to be wild and I am giving them that opportunity.

And, the others just love having fun with us as always. Just like our Halloween family fun. Most of our friends are not like us with the incest but they are kinky and enjoy the fun with us.

The Wilson party is a costume event so people are wearing masks.

One thing about masks is they give folks anonymity. Therefore, more families that have wanted to be like us will be playing together at this shindig. Along with that, we will be playing with them.

My son, his wife, their adult son, my daughter, and her hubby are all attending this big neighborhood party. The Wilson’s have rented a wonderful location for the party.

Turns out this Halloween family fun is going to be epic for not just our clan. In fact, after chatting with Jan Wilson, she is hoping to outdo all the other neighbor parties and be a legend.

My goal is to help her and make it our best Halloween family fun as well.

She is using a fantastic party planning service and I am working to make sure all the invited show up. Along with that, we want their family members to attend as well.

Jan wants the family fun feel to be happening throughout the whole party. Her goal is for everyone to get so into the kinky fun that they are all fucking each other.

So it is an entire Halloween family fun event. Not just me and the fam this time around. Of course, I am loving the idea. Everyone is of legal age and it will be a blast.

As the party is starting, everyone is looking fabulous in their costumes.

Soon, the party supplies are kicking in and people are loosening up. People are starting to kiss and make out. I am seeing a few disappear into the side rooms set up with mattresses.

There is a huge room set up for a giant orgy. And, my family and I are moving in for that space. Within no time, we are not only playing with each other during our Halloween family fun but with the party guests.

Of course, if you want the details, you have to call me for some GILF phone sex! I love sharing family stories.