Demented sex at Halloween-time isn’t really a surprise, unless you let the right one in!  Then, the gloves…CUM off! When the lights go dim, I cum out to play!  But, only if you make the brilliant decision to LET ME IN!  In your darkest dreams, I cum to you and suck, then fuck you into oblivion.

After The Witching Hour, you snuggle into your bed and, THAT’S when you should be worried!  The bed will dip slightly, the covers ruffle and I’m in!  The mere shift of your body is invitation enough to make me take you.  Do you think it’s a dream that my lips melt into yours?  A trick of Halloween, or maybe just a hangover? Oh! Believe me, tomorrow you’ll KNOW I was here!  You’ll wake with that familiar, “stick” of your cock to your thigh and, you’ll grin like the  fucking devil.

Shit! Can you cover that fucked up smile before the Mrs cums out of the shower?  Think she’ll believe you’re lusting for her when you ram that cock into her pussy like a demon?  What really surprises her is when you take your rod and stuff it up her virgin ass. After an ear piercing scream as you violate her uncharted territory, she starts spinning on your cock like a wild woman.  Who knew little, Miss priss liked to get ass fucked?  More shocking is when she slips off your dick and gobbles it down her throat.  Make her believe?  Maybe.  How good of a “demented sex” actor are you? LOL.

I slither back from whence I came and wait patiently for next year.  I’ll be even MORE demented by then. Lock your doors NOW!

You’ll Never Forget Your First Halloween Fuck!


Cum Trick Or Treat At My House!