I’ve never had the kinda Halloween I had this year, it was insane! Not only did I go to the best parties around this year but I had more then my share of cum,candy, and lots of tricks. I can cross alot off my bucket list this year!

1)3some with Leeloo

2)Fucked a sexy Mummie

3)Handstand Keg!!!

4)Sampled tons and tons of Weed (all named after candy!)

5)Did every single Halloween themed shot!

6) Fucked over 6 people!!

The list is longer but I really really want to tell you about the Mummie I fucked! He was yummy!!! This naughty nurse was surprised to find that my Mummie didn’t have any underwear on and that impressive cock was big!

As you know I did a pity fuck awhile ago and since then i’ve been having a string of really lack luster dick, I dunno why I suddenly hit this funk, my fuck buddies were all busy and other guys I tried just didn’t have much going for them. Don’t get me wrong i’m not a size Queen I just like 7+ inch dick and I like em kinda thick too. I was dying for a good dicking craving,yearning, and masturbating like a fiend just could fill that need to be fucked like a bitch.

So when I showed up at this guy Seans house for a very wild party my attention was instantly taken by the Mummie, shockingly he was Sean! Sean took my into the bathroom and slid just a little of his costume out of the way to reveal the raging boner he’d gotten from me grinding on him. Since the minute i’d seen him i’d been all over him and luck was on my side because Sean had a nice cock for me, the kinda cock that would satisfy my needs.

He bent me right over the sink, slid a condom on and rammed that cock inside. There didn’t need to be any words between us the pounding he gave me told me everything I needed to know 1)he loved my tight pussy 2) he had a thing for sexy nurses and 3) we’d be fucking in the future.

Face pressed into the mirror he yanked my uniform open grabbing onto my tits before flipping me so I could face him. He sucked on my puffy nipples and fucked me with such intensity I was soaking his hard cock with my juices. By the time he blew his load i’d gotten the cock i’d been dreaming about.

We exchanged numbers quickly as I found myself recieving a text from Laura, she was dressed up as Leeloo from 5th element and looking hot. I knew I wasn’t done fucking just yet.


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