Hair fetish; my friend didn’t know it was a thing…now she does.

Hair fetish guys are fucking everywhere and they aren’t just interested in the hair on top of your head.  My friend had no idea they existed.  My friend had always been very self-conscious about the fact that she’s a bit on the hairy side.  She shaves often despite me telling her that she doesn’t need to.  She didn’t believe me when I told her that there are guys who would love her hair.  In order to convince her, I sprang a surprise visit to the beach on her.  I made sure to do it when I knew she hadn’t shaved in a while.  I also made sure to do it while I was driving there already so that she couldn’t back out at the last minute.

I had a skimpy suit for her to borrow and we headed to the shore.

Her bikini line was a mess with her pussy hair poking out on the sides and on the top.  I hadn’t realized how hairy she was down there.  It was fucking beautiful.  She started getting self-conscious when she noticed a guy staring at her underarm and pussy hairs poking out.  Then I pointed out the bulge in his pants.

“He wants to ram his cock into your pits and fuck them like pussies, honey.  Just look at him trying to tuck his hard-on away.”

Once she realized that it was true, she turned into a bit of a tease, sitting with her legs apart so that guys passing by could have a really good look.  She’d stretch and show off those hairy pits, too.  Eventually, the guy couldn’t stand it and left for the bathroom.

“Well?  Are you going to let him jerk off alone or are you going to make his day?”

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