Hair Fetish & How I Jerked Him Off

I’ve never heard of a hair fetish before, but when I did I got a little excited. I have such long, thick, dark hair, therefore the idea of using it to get someone off sounds like so much fun. And everybody knows that fun phone sex really moistens my pussy lips.

My hair is always kept so clean and immaculate. I take great pride in my hair for sure.

That day I’d gotten it trimmed.

Not cut, however, I did get all my split ends taken off. It was so radiant and it was the first thing my boy toy noticed when he came over. It was down and it flowed in front of my bare tits.

He sat on the couch next to my naked self and reached up to touch my hair. His fingers ran through it smoothly because I had no knots. As I stared down at his pants, his cock got hard.

Oh, how I wanted to play with it and I always get what I want. So, I sank to my knees and I pulled out his throbbing dick. He was so hard and so turned on that he was leaking precum everywhere.

I wrapped my hair around his cock. He could feel its’ silky smoothness surrounding him with the pressure of my hand over it. I started moving my hand up and down his shaft. It started slowly, but then I picked up speed and gripped him tighter.

His cock spasmed as he shot a huge load. It got all in my hair and the white of his cum was a huge contrast to my dark hair. It was so forceful that some of it ended up lodged near my scalp.

I loved making him cum that hard because it meant he really did love my hair. If you have a hair fetish then give me a call for some fetish phone sex.

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