Hair Fetish: My Full Bush of Hair Looks Amazing Covered in Cum!

There are so many things you can do with a hair fetish.

What is your favorite part?

Do you like running your fingers through the little bush of pubic hair on your way down to my sweet pussy?

Or maybe it’s the way it’ll tickle your lip and nose as you taste my juices.

One of my favorite things is to see a man pull out of my juicy pussy and stroke his cock right over that fluffy bush.

The way his cock shoots that load right onto my waiting patch is so fucking hot! Yes, I guess I have a bit of a hair fetish as well.

I love the way guys pay attention to it. Gently tugging at it between their fingers turns me on like crazy.

When they do that I can feel the tiny prickles through my hairs down into my skin.

That just goes right to my clit and makes me crave more.

The messier you can make my bush, the better.

I knew a few men with a hair fetish.

They really liked it when I would style my pubic hair into different little things.

Once I shaved it into a big heart. Another guy loved it just all natural.

Nothing was to be shaved at all.

He loved the way the hair down the sides of my pussy lips felt against his face when he ate me out.

I was even told that when I leave it natural like that, he could feel it tickle his cock while we fucked.

Getting to see how much men with a hair fetish love my stylish pussy turns me on like crazy!!

What would you like to do with my sexy pussy hair?


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