Looking Forward To My Gynaecologist Check Up

Yesterday, I went for my regular gynaecologist check up. I usually prefer male doctors because they tend to be gentler and more respectful. Women doctors – particularly British ones – are a little too business-like and don’t have a lot of sympathy for the patient. Besides, I always get a secret thrill when a male doctor slips a probing finger inside me.

My usual gynaecologist wasn’t in the clinic. Instead, there was a female doctor, a cold-looking blonde with a double dose of arrogance. She began the consultation by asking me about my general health and my sex life, and then it was time to assume the position. Some women are very self-conscious, lying back with their feet in the stirrups and their pussy on display and dread their gynaecologist check up. But I love it and usually embarrass myself by getting wet even before the doctor puts on his latex gloves.

What surprised me was that Ms. Personality of 2021 was turning me on

As she pulled my lips open and looked at my pussy, I gave a small shudder – which she had to have noticed. I decided to play with her a little and see if I could get a reaction. When her lubricated finger began to slide inside me, I pushed down slightly against her hand. I felt her hesitate for a moment before her finger began probing and examining my pussy.

I tightened my pussy around her finger. Riding all those cocks, and countless hours playing with dildos and vibrators has given me amazing muscular control. She must have taken the hint because she twisted her wrist until the tip of her finger was pressing against my g-spot. The doctor rubbed with her fingertip in a subtle circular motion that sent a thrill of pleasure through me. Although I had been looking forward to my gynaecologist check up, I didnt think it would turn out like this!

Clenching hard with my pussy muscles, I thrust down with my pelvis.

There were no more doubts now and she began to finger me, first with one, and then with two fingers. I moaned and writhed as her thumb began to graze my clit. I was so wet that her gloved fingers were slopping in and out as she increased the tempo. As I lay there, I couldn’t help wondering if there was a class in medical school titled mastering fingering techniques!

I’ve been finger fucked in a lot of different situations before now, but lying back, unable to move; with my legs in surgical stirrups was a new one. Getting a fingering by a pussy doctor was also a new experience. She really knew how to make my body respond and exactly when to speed up or slow down. When she managed to ease a third finger inside me I thought I’d explode with pleasure. 

I was loving this gynaecologist check up!

I hadn’t figured the doctor for the passionate type, but she surprised me again by leaning down and clamping her hot wet mouth around my clitoral hood and sucking hard on the whole area. And I almost screamed with pleasure as she gripped my clit between her lips and rapidly stimulated it with the tip of her tongue. The fast action with her tongue was enough to push me over the edge, especially when she also shook her head from side to side. I bucked and shuddered, trying desperately not to scream out loud.

On the other side of the door was a receptionist and waiting room full of patients waiting for their own gynaecologist check up!  I almost hit the ceiling when I felt a lubricated finger slide into my arse. It was too much and I came with a loud panting moan. The doctor unhooked my legs from the stirrups and helped me off the bed. Then she sat on the edge of her desk, hiked her dress up, and opened her legs to reveal a perfectly shaved pussy. I dropped to my knees and got to work…

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