There’s nothing more fun than fucking with your gym trainer..

Gym trainer torture is kinda my hobby. I love turning him on for me, knowing that he’ll have one hell of a time trying to hide that boner in his workout pants! I used to love teasing my ex for the same reason – hiding a hard cock in basketball shorts is just not happening. I just started working out at this gym too, and it seemed like a pretty relaxed, quiet place..until I met him. Now it’s less of a workout environment and more of a testing ground. I like to see how much of a tease I can be, how bad, or mischievous.. One experiment after the other. I usually get what I want out of him, he can’t really control it around me! It’s like flicking a light switch. The second I walk in, sporting a little black crop top and some black and red yoga shorts, I have him almost falling to his knees. Specially because he’s a little horndog and can’t contain himself, he likes to be extra hands-on.. which only tortures him more! But the best part about this is that I have a boyfriend..and he knows it.

Hell, my boyfriend works out at the same gym right now, too. He likes to come with me sometimes, and while I’m messing around with the trainer, he’s off training an weightlifting. I can only imagine how many times he’s nearly dropped it all just because he caught a glimpse of how hands-on my gym trainer was being. The naughtier I get, the more fun it all becomes. I’ve even skipped the panties a few times just so I know he can see every subtle outline when he’s spotting me for crunches and sit ups. And he doesn’t mind every curve he can see when I’m using any of the other equipment.. It’s a little game I just love to play, but I don’t know how long he can take it before he needs to fuck me!

Come play with me.

Taboo Phone sex with Kali