I’ve never met a guy who said: “ew…no thanks” to an offer of anal sex with me

Ever. Not once. It’s more a response of “omg yes please, thank you, thank you, thank you!”  Now, I like anal sex as much as the next girl – probably more, actually. But I probably wouldn’t beg you for it or express that level of gratitude for it.  So, I wanted to know – why do you guys love it so much? Why are you so fascinated with it and why do you fantasize about anal sex stories so much?

After extensive research and exhaustive study of the subject, here is what I found out

You want variety in your fucking

It feels completely different than the usual sex, with your cock in her pussy.  Sure that feels amazing but anal is a novelty and different. And did I mention tighter?  It’s way tighter. And you guys like tight quite a lot. You tell me this all the time when we talk about anal sex stories.  Also, if you’re having anal sex, you’re probably not having it every time you have sex so it stays new and special.

You believe that women who “let you” put your cock in her tight little asshole are sexually adventurous, sexier, more fun and willing to try anything

It can be very exciting to know that you’re a guy’s “up the butt girl.” I know that when I started making my own anal sex stories, I perceived that none of my friends were doing it and it made me way cooler, more experienced and just sort of edgier than they were.  Letting your guy fuck your tight little hole puts you in a very vulnerable position, so to speak and opening up like that, also so to speak, can feel very exciting and intense. When we let you in our back door, we are letting you completely objectify us and treat us like a sex object for a while. And, most importantly, some studies have found that women who report having anal sex also report more orgasms than our sisters whose butts are strictly off limits to your cocks.  

Next up: four more reasons!


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