Gun Play Is Dangerous And Exciting With The Right Person

Gun play is naughty. Playing with a gun is supposed to be bad, right? Then how come it feels so good? I love the feeling of cold metal on my skin.

He has a gun that we like to play with. It’s just an old revolver he keeps around for protection. And it’s shiny and cold… but I love the feeling of it on my skin.

I’ve never played with a gun before him… since everyone else I had been in a relationship with made me scared. But, he’s different and I trust him in every way possible. He doesn’t scare me at all.

That kind of trust lets us explore so many different things. Tying me up, playing with knives, me being dominated, and of course gun play. I know it sounds scary to some but with the right person, it can be incredibly sexy. And safe with trust.

He loves to bring it out when he’s feeling extra playful and takes out the bullets. Only as a safety precaution since we don’t want any accidents. It’s mostly the cold steel that feels good. We play with bullets in it very rarely.

He orders me to lie down.

I obey and spread my legs for him. He presses the side of the fun to my face and then slowly glides it down my body. Letting every inch of me feel how cold it is and giving me goosebumps. I smile to let him know that it feels good.

Then he makes me get on my knees and sticks the gun up to my lips. “Suck the barrel,” he tells me and I obey him since he is the one with the gun. I open my mouth and let the gun slip inside. Then I start to suck the barrel as if it were a cold, hard dick.

He tells me “Such a pretty girl. Keep sucking… I like the way it looks in your mouth.” And I keep going, licking the sides and slobbering up the barrel.

His cock gets harder and harder and I can see his pants rising. So, I stop sucking the barrel and he has me get on my hands and knees. He takes out his cock. And starts to rub it on my pussy from behind.

I feel the cold steel of the gun barrel up against the back of my head. And that’s when he shoves his cock inside of me, letting me know who’s the boss. I let him do whatever he wants to me! I love it.

“Yeah, baby. You like the feeling of my gun against your head and my cock in your pussy?”

I whimper and moan and say “Yes! I love the feeling of both… fuck me harder, baby!” He then grabs my hair and pushes the gun harder into my head and I can feel his cock start to throb.

Before too long he shoots a fat load onto my ass. I lie on the bed as he gets me a towel. I sure do love our playtime! It’s almost as much fun as public sex.

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