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I know you have been wondering how hot our guided masturbation session could really get.  Well, I promise that we will enjoy every second of it.  You have been craving to have an arousing and provocative hotty like Mallory.   Fantasizing about me smearing my pretty wet pussy, your face has you ready to stroke.  The thought of teasing and hovering over your face with my cum soaked panties at your mouth has me hot.   You are dying to suck the sweet juices from the silky fabric.  Not only do I want to give you the best phone sex experience you’ve ever had.  I also want the best face-sitting phone sex with a  huge heap of guided masturbation too! All you have to do is keep reading and hold on to that cock,  because things are about to get steamy.

Guided masturbation, what is it really?

Guided masturbation is just one of many ways to achieve a massive orgasm.  It’s part instruction and the other part imagination.  What it does is, grant you to explore familiar territory (your own body) in fresh new ways.  Giving you the voice needed to provide you with the instructions.  While giving you a breathtaking way to up the ante while on your self-pleasuring journey.  We will both enjoy me telling you how and when to please yourself.  Toys are always welcome in our guided masturbation phone sex sessions!


The first thing you need to know about our face-sitting phone sex session is that it’s not only about my tight little pussy sitting on your face but also this tasty ass hole as well! You’ll be so turned on by my guided masturbation instructions, you’ll indulge yourself with my favors. I will keep on my silky wet panties (unless you prefer me in a cute pair of cotton ones) and flutter right above your lips, gently grinding against them. Right when you think you can’t take it anymore I will thrust my hips forward and plung my pussy into your mouth. Fuck my pussy with your tongue, and run your tongue between the slit on my wet panties.  I want you to get me so hot, that you start to feel and taste my cum squirting in your mouth.

For the most explosive phone sex call that you have ever had let’s combine two of my favorite things types of phone sex calls together.   Because with the erotic instructions from guided masturbation and the naughtiness of face-sitting phone sex, your cock is sure to explode with delight!  Want more erotic sex stories?  Call Mallory


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