He calls me to get his ultimate satisfaction and knows I will have ultimate control over his orgasm (or lack there of lol). He knows he can’t stroke his cock the way I have him do it. I ask where he is, “my backyard and there’s a thunderstorm coming in” he says. “Perfect” I say “strip naked and get on your knees” – this is going to be fun for me, I can already tell! He has no idea what I have in store for him tonight. He does as I instruct, of course, I’ve never steered him wrong before. I tell him to start stroking his cock and to describe what is around him.

It’s already been raining off and on at his house and the ground is wet. The wet grass is getting uncomfortable and cutting into his knees. He says he’s behind a bush to hide himself from his wife in the event she may come out to their backyard looking for him…. lol I love this!! The ideas and visuals I got at this moment are amazing! Flooding my mind are all the things I will have him do to please me tonight. He’s such a willing participate!

This was not always the case with this man’s man. He thinks he rules the world, he has complete control of what’s going on in his life. What he didn’t plan on was me. He didn’t plan on becoming completely addicted to hearing my voice, to wishing and waiting for my next command. My ability take over his body without his consent. For my sweet, soft, southern, SEXY voice to penetrate his thoughts and dreams leaving him wanting, starving for the next taste.

You can hear the excitement in my voice as I say: “Get up and get a switch!” he says “huh?” total confusion – exactly what I want. “Get up and get a SWITCH off the tree by the bush then get back on your knees!”