Guided Masturbation, I’ll Take the Lead

It really turns me on knowing a man trusts me to control his cock all the way to orgasm. He’s got his ear up to the phone and his hand on his dick waiting for my next instruction. His guided masturbation is far from typical. How will I tell him to stroke his cock this time? Which hand goes where and in which direction? These are the questions that keep him on the brink of a giant cum dump, and it’ll be all my fault!

Now, guided masturbation isn’t simply me telling you “Now work your hand around your cock.” UH DUH! Of course that’s where your hand is, we are trying to cum right? You do want me as your personal cum slut don’t you? It’s so much more in-depth. First I want to know how you stroke your cock when you have control. Is it fast or slow, and with which hand?

Guided masturbation deserves a little twist and turn, pun intended, and I bring just that.

Guided masturbation deserves a little twist and turn, pun intended, and I bring just that. Switching sides of your cock to focus on, switching the hand you use, applying just the right amount of pressure to that juicy shaft, all those rules come from me. Imagine me giving you a hand job with my words, controlling every single move you make and how you make them. Imagine how close I’ll bring you to the edge just to pull you back and make you beg to to cum. Then imagine my pussy spread open and my little clit being rubbed so steadily right in front of you while I take the lead over your dick.

If you haven’t found a woman who will use complete range to control your cock however she chooses. I highly recommend you find one, like yesterday. Think about it a woman like myself who knows exactly what she wants and how she wants. It may even teach you a thing or two. I could show you a completely new way to jerk off and you would have never known without my guided masturbation. Take the plunge, allow yourself to enjoy a giant orgasm all from my voice. All from my instruction. 😉

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