Enhancing Your Guided Masturbation Session with the Added Sensation of a Freshly Shaven Cock

There are so many ways to describe how to have phone sex. Of how to enjoy a phone sex lover. A guided masturbation session is one of the basic and primary ways to indulge in such things. It’s a way to enjoy an intimate moment shared between two people. But what I propose is a way to add to your stroking enjoyment, and in turn, mine as well. I am talking about the added sensation of a freshly shaven cock and what it can bring to the table.

So, take a breath, relax, and be prepared for a sensually tantalizing guided masturbation session. First, let’s start with you going into the bathroom. Go ahead and close the door and get naked. Next, fill the sink with hot water while you get your shaving cream and a fresh razor. As you’re making preparations, I want you to think of my voice in your ear, an intimate addition that will increase your pleasure tenfold.

Once the sink is full, I want you to lather yourself, your manhood, as well as both your bottom and taint (that little piece of real estate between where your scrotum attaches and your little brown star).  Get the razor soaking in the water while the cream softens your hair.  Imagine how clean you will be, how desirable you will become to your lover.

I know that the first time shaving will be awkward, but it is worth the enhanced sensations you’re about to experience.

Begin from the back, clean your bottom first. Pull the razor forward and get to your taint, repeating until your ass is completely bare and devoid of hair.  Now onto your taint (your perineum) and balls. This is where you need to be careful. Don’t rush – feel your manhood being released and exposed in a most delightful way.  Do you notice how sensitive this area is?  You can feel the smallest inclination against your flesh now, every touch is heightened.

Finish by “man-scaping” the plume above your cock.  This does not need to be bare, only porn stars have that need, but make it well trimmed and taken care of.  Now rinse yourself off and clean out your sink. But stay naked. I don’t want you to dampen your now-heightened sensations with clothing.

Lay a thick, soft towel on the bed and lie down on the bed on top of it – oh, and get some baby oil for me.  Rub it on your cock and slowly move your hand on every part that you shaved.  Start with your ass.  Did you know one of the most sensitive and sexually charged areas of your body is found here?

Now onto the Next Part of Our Sensual and Intimate Guided Masturbation Session

Toy with yourself, let the oil soothe your sensitive skin and while doing so, make you sexually charged.  Feel your taint, that wonderfully sensitive, yet nebulous area between your ass and balls. Stroke it, rub it with oil until you find your balls, and give them a tug.  Let the slight erotic pain morph into that sweet place. Where that pleasure/pain can send you floating. Yes, it can make things intense, but your sweet relief is coming, my love.

You have your cock in hand now, don’t you?  Listen to my sultry voice as I guide you on how I want you to stroke, aware of every touch, every breeze that crosses your now sensitized cock.  Close your eyes and let your flesh bond with flesh, allow your mind to focus only on my instructions, yourself, and the pleasure I offer you. Nothing in the world matters now. Nothing exists but you and I and my voice, as all your bodily resources cry out for release…


So tell me, can you imagine how much more pleasure I can offer you in a sensual guided masturbation session?

Then call my phone sex number and let’s play with your clean manhood together.


Your Free Sex Story & Guided Masturbation Session Guru,

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke

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