Guided Masturbation for Cock Challenged

Come on little loser, do you need some guided masturbation to help you get off?  Its not like anyone else is going to play with your tiny little worm.  I could tell how pathetic you were from the first hello.  You had been jerking off all day trying to get the balls to call me.  The truth is you’re a glutton for punishment and cannot resist some humiliation.  Besides, helping little bitches like you with guided masturbation makes my day!

Lock the door, grab the lube, and give yours truly a call.  Let me walk your sorry ass through the best jerk off session of your life.  Trust me, I know what your little dick needs more than you and hearing you get off in ways you never have before brings us both pleasure.  It is also probably the only way a man like you could even please me.  Every girl likes a man that can make her laugh, right?

  Doesn’t that little tic tack dick feel good.

 Aren’t you happy to have another breathing person there while you play with yourself for a change.  Now, prove to me that little things works.  Jerk that cock like your fucking life depends on it and shoot that cum across  the room!  I want those toes to curl and I want to hear you let out a bitch boy moan like never before!   I might even allow you to slide a finger in your tight ass to really extend your please.  You want to act like a bitch, you will get fucked like one too!

Now look at you.  Sitting in a puddle of your own cum.  What a nasty little perv you are!  At least you have some new techniques  for your endless hours of masturbation.  Talk to you soon, loser!

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