Who knew something like blue jean shorts could provide amazing guided masturbation pleasures. I did not know. Well, that was until I met this sexy stud when I was out the sports bar the other night. He did not even hesitate to ask my age before ordering me a beer. I was more than grateful to take it too. After a bit of small talk, I had to make my way to the bathroom. As I walked away I could hear groans leaving his lips as the jean fabric stretched against the swaying of my hips. Even his very noises turned me on, I planned on leaving with him.

So Back To His Place We Left.

On the drive back to his house he could not keep his hands off of me. He demanded I cum as he ran his fingers over the slit of my jeans. I whimpered sucking my lower lip between my teeth. Generally, I was the one coaxing my partner to blow his load. However, we had not even made it to his home yet and he was already blowing my mind. As we got into the house we faced each other kissing like passionate lovers. He grabbed his large hands through the leg holes in my shorts and rode them tight and hard between my pussy slit.

Guided Masturbation Was His Power.

He stared at me and had me lay back onto the couch. The dense jean material wedged over my clit was a new masturbation device I had never discovered. He began to talk me through rolling my hips over the material, allowing the friction to make me cum. There was no doubt it did. Then, straddling the arm of the couch he talked me through cumming again, and again. This was only the start of the night too because he then found my magic wand. Holy Fuck!

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