Guided Masturbation. Helping each other get off.

What if you had me in a room but could not touch me? You tell me that we are going to do something different.  That tonight we are not allowed to touch each other and it’s all about Guided Masturbation! I am surprised because all I have been thinking about is touching your warm skin, running my hands across your hard strong chest…tasting all of you.

But tonight is going to be different, you say. You open the bottle of wine and pour us each a glass. you tell me to stand in front of you. I take you all in, your handsome face and fit body. I remember the first time I saw you. I knew I wanted you, that day in the gym. I saw you looking at me too. Today you stand before me dress in a t-shirt and jeans. I am wearing a white blouse, black mini skirt, black nylons and some black knee high boots. I thought we would be going out but you say we will stay in. You tell me that we are going to spend the night learning about each other…without ever touching.

You start by telling me to take off an item of clothes and in turn you will take off something. Slowly I take off my boots, my nylons, then my skirt and blouse. You also take off items, your jeans, belt, shoes and shirt. we are both in our underwear. You in boxers and I am in my red lace panties and bra. I am so turned on. We look at each other.

Gazing at our bodies with our arms to our sides. You tell me to touch my tits. You want me to massage them so the nipples get hard. I tell you to reach down and rub your cock through your boxers. You tell me to slide my panties to the side and touch your pussy. Play with my clit. You are watching me with amazement. Guided masturbation at it’s finest. Now I want to really turn you on. I lay on the couch and I take off my bra and I start running my fingers all over my flat stomach. My hands creep down to my panties and I start slowly taking them off. You stand in front of me, taking out your cock and letting your boxers fall to the ground. It is getting hard. your hand starts stroking it as you watch my fingers slide into my pussy. You cock is so big and hard and inviting but I am focusing on getting myself off. I slide my fingers in and out of my wet pussy. I reach inside and feel my g-spot. I spread my legs to make sure you can see my inviting pussy. I am moaning, moving my fingers in and out of my pussy, as if it was your hard cock. You move closer as I watch your hard throbbing cock in your strong hands.

We watch each other and make sure we cum hard together. You cum hard, in your own hands. We are both so satisfied and happy. Without touching…we get dressed and say good bye. It was a strange and wonderful experiment. Now we know how to please each other. I will never forget this guided masturbation experience.

Sizzle With Sara.