Juicy Fruit Sex Fun

I love making my fuck toys do some out there things for me. I’ve been here for a number of years now, and somehow, up to this point, my boys had never fucked any fruit for me! Last week I set out to entice one of my HOT married slut boys to go buy a juicy, ripe melon of some type,  and bring it home on his lunch break for our call.

He did as he was told, and when he got home with his huge, ripe watermelon,  I instructed him on how to cut it, so that he could slide his already swollen cock inside it! I sent him an EXTREME close up of my juicy cunt, and he stared at it, along with a picture of his wife; moaning and panting as he fucked that sweet, ripe flesh! As I guided him to fuck it deeper and faster, I could hear those wet, slurpy sucking noises as he worked his DRIPPING, throbbing dick in and out! He came SO hard when I whispered into his ear that I wanted that hot load of cum DEEP inside my juicy little homewrecking pussy!

Never tried it with another hot phone slut? Well grab a melon, gimme a ring, and let your very own personal freaky girlfriend guide you to ecstasy!


Jenna Love
[email protected]