Guided Masturbation Edging. The fantasy that you didn’t even know you were looking for.

If you haven’t tried guided masturbation edging before, it is something you definitely need to try. Rose is an expert, trust me an expert on the subject of how to have phone sex and trying new things on phone sex lines. Not to mention guided masturbation is some of my favorite play in real life and in fantasy on the phone. Edging is just a new word for the pleasure that comes from postponing your orgasm, building it, then denying it, then building to it again and again until FIREWORKS !!!

I will get you ready to cum, then make you wait until I give you permission to. And I will NOT give you permission until I am ready to. You can beg me all you want, but you have to wait until I am the one who is ready. Prepare to have one of the best orgasms you have ever experienced. Once you do release, you will not even be mad that I made you wait. You will thank me for it.

You may be looking for something new, or you may already know you like it.

I know some of you are thinking it sounds crazy. Why would you not want to peak when you are ready to? Because, when I finally do give you permission, your orgasm will be better than the one that you “lost” because you are anticipating it even more. You will have orgasms better than you even knew were possible from masturbating.

And after you beg me to let you cum, I will leave you begging for more. I love it when you beg me. There is just something about me not letting you release your load when you are ready to, that makes it even better when I do finally give you permission to finally bust a nut.

So do you think you are ready? Do you have the will power to come and play? Give me a call and let’s find out. It is time for you to give edging a try. You will not regret it.

My Daughter Is Learning The Many Pleasures That Come From Guided Masturbation Edging

I’m teaching my teen daughter the skills of guided masturbation edging. I came home yesterday after school to find my daughter’s boyfriend tied up on the couch with a huge hard cock! They had been having guided masturbation edging fun with a twist. Part of the game is she gets his big cock all hard and then ties him up and leaves! Doesn’t that sound like the most fun game ever?

Being the naughty cougar slut I am, I couldn’t help but torment him! He’s been staring at my sexy milf body for weeks so what was I supposed to do – just leave him all tied up? Heck no! I dropped my bags and wrapped my sexy hand around his cock. *evil smile* He was SO big and hard. He asked me to stop, but I know that he didn’t really want me to, cougar phone sex would fit right in. I think he was afraid of what my daughter would say! Well, she shouldn’t have left him there for me to find if she was going to protest He was so sexually frustrated that his balls were blue!

You Should Have Seen How His Dick Twitched When I Took Off All My Clothes Right In Front Of Him!

I was turned-on too so I climbed right on top of him, and put my sweet milf pussy right on his mouth. He couldn’t move at all, so he had no choice but lick my little clit and get it all swollen, while I teased his cock with my tongue. I could feel that he was getting close to shooting his load in my mouth – but that’s not what I wanted. Sliding down his body, I slipped his big, hard cock right inside my tight little snatch! Before he knew what was happening, he had the biggest orgasm ever – shooting his load deep inside me!

This is when I got really naughty! I pushed all that jizz out of my pussy and all over his face! Leaving him tied up there for my daughter to find – I went into my suite and hopped into the shower.

I’m such a naughty cougar mommy always looking for some fun!

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