Guided Masturbation – I’m In Total Control

If you have never experienced guided masturbation, you are missing out!  Guided masturbation has to be my absolute favorite type of calls.  I love hearing a man touch himself in a way he never has before, feel a way he never has before, and cum harder than he ever has before.  I would even go as far as to say I know my way around a man’s cock better than he does.

Lock the door, grab the lube, and relax.  Kitty will take over from here!  Guided masturbation is all about you giving up control and allowing me to be your hands and mind.  I like to think of it more of an expert hand job than guided masturbation.  I want complete control!  This isn’t just Phone Sex or a phone fuck, this is a total mind fuck!

Pull out that soft cock and let me get you hard.  Get your cock and balls nice and wet.  I want you fucking slippery!  Let me tease you, watch your cock grow harder and harder, and watch it start to throb and twitch with every touch.  I want your balls to ache and your toes to curl.

Rub those aching balls and tell me how tight and full they are.

 Swirl your finger around that mushroom head and imagine my tongue teasing and tickling you.  I am there with you.  I’m in the room with you.  I want you to become hypnotized with my voice and my expert touch.  Squeeze that head and watch the pearls of pre cum escape.  Rub that pre cum up and down your shaft until you are all sticky and wet.  Stroke faster, stroke harder, and feel that cum creeping up your shaft.  Are you ready to explode?

Let me come into your room.  Let me take over your mind and make you experience guided masturbation like you never have before!

Cheap Phone Sex!