Guided masturbation is definitely more fun than jerking off alone.

Since I like to think of masturbation as sometimes a “meditative experience,” guided masturbation is like me as your “instructor.” A cross between guided hypnosis and sex if you will. Oh, and it’s hot. Guided masturbation is very hot.

In some ways most phonesex is guided masturbation, but as a genre on its own guided masturbation is its own specific thing. During guided masturbation I am more likely to count down. I’m more likely to count up, down, and out in general, actually. I like to give you a certain, limited number of strokes. The constraint is the mother of sensuality if you ask me!

It’s hard to relax. The society we live in is constantly telling us to hurry up, get more done, rush here, and rush there. Masturbation is nature’s stress relief. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like I’m rushing even when I’m masturbating. Sometimes I feel like I’m rushing when I’m having fast, hard sex. Not that I don’t enjoy that sometimes, of course. 😉

An adult chat with me is kind of like temporarily stopping regular time. Phone sex is like a “rip” in the “fabric” of regular time. Sometimes clients tell me I am their “cigarette break” or their “coffee break.” Unlike those things, I’m not going to give you lung or some other cancer. I’m going to give you two things: a sense of calm and relief, and (most importantly) an orgasm.

You’re going to cum much harder knowing that you’re cumming for me.

And you’re going to cum much harder because I’m telling you to, because want your cum. I want every drop of sperm in your balls (and your cock, of course) to belong to me. We’ll be talking more about who owns you and your cock during our call. 😉

Ready to relax AND rock out with your cock out? Give me a call! I’m right here, waiting to put you into a trance.


Hot Phone Sex