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Where would we meet? Perhaps you are my neighbor and I get locked out. I come over to wait out till my parents get home and in the time being you and I start having some fun. This is when it really starts getting fun! My pink pussy is too tight but that doesn’t mean we can listen to each other play with ourselves. So here’s when the fun really begins. Imagine I sit on one end of the couch and you on the other. Spreading my legs and showing off what you can’t touch. Mmm, I have no panties on and I am ready to guide you till you cum.

Grab your cock, squeeze it tight and imagine my pretty lips wrapped around it.

Stroke up and down while you hear me moan. Hear how creamy my pussy is and how close I am to cumming. Are you close? Stroke it faster, and faster. Squeeze your balls and tell me how bad you want to explode. Keep stroking it and don’t stop. All that precum oozing outlooks so delicious. While you stroke I’ll keep playing with my pussy, thinking about your cock deep inside me.

Who knows, maybe next time you’ll get you to have a taste of me.

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