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Her mouth gave her away.

The way it parted in excitement as she spread her legs spoke volumes. She licked her lips when she was fully visible and I knew she was dying to rub her little clit for me. But I’m a tease. I set my recorder down on the bed and told her to run her fingers lightly over her pink slit. She moaned as I told her not to break eye contact. I could see she was being a good little girl, as her fingers barely grazed the delicate little lips.

“Go deeper. Imagine it’s my hand exploring you, touching you as if I’m memorizing every detail of your pussy.” I instructed her.

This time when her fingers touched her pussy, her eyes rolled back and her pussy let out its first drops of juice. I told her to scoop them up and tell me how it tasted. She brought her fingers to her lips and licked them clean, moaning loudly before proclaiming that she tasted sweet. But I already knew that. I wanted to really know, so I leaned forward and slid my fingers through her pussy lips for a preview.

Oh, God, it really was sweet! It was like ambrosia! I had to stop myself from taking more. We were both little cum sluts. That’s not what I was there for though, so I reached down and grabbed her dildo. I licked it from the base upward and then slid it down my throat like a good cocksucker before handing it over.

“Fuck yourself!”

She took that instruction to heart. Like a Catholic learning about the anal loophole for the first time, she moaned and screamed praise to her Lord. For a guided female masturbation audio, this had it all. I could hear the frantic pants as she stuffed her pussy with the dildo, the sound of the dildo slamming into her, and her porn star moans. It was perfect!

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She came like an explosion. Her legs slammed shut around my hips, her back arching so hard I thought it might break, and fuck me, the little tea kettle was loud! As the waves of ecstasy receded, she loosened her grip and I gave her clit one more little rub. She shuddered and smiled at me in return. Now that we were done playing it appeared my princess preferred to hide behind her mask again. That was fine by me, I’d gotten what I wanted from her: a nice little guided female masturbation audio to listen to in my spare time!