Nothing gets me more turned on and in the mood to have sex than group play adventures. The feeling of multiple hands rubbing all over my body really turns me on. I love to feel the different sensations coming from lots of different bodies leading to my excitement and pleasure. Not to mention, the energy of a threesome or moresome can be quite electrifying!

Often with a partner of my own, we will seek out other couples for sexy group play adventures. Swapping with other couples is a ton of fun, especially when there is an intense mutual connection between all parties. Sharing my partner and being shared is a wonderful experience. Most of all, the thrill and excitement of feeling someone new inside you while still being present and connected to your own partner is so sexually gratifying.

My favorite of all group play adventures is being the guest star in a sexy MFM threesome.

As a unicorn, I get many offers to join different couples in their beds. Personally, it takes an equal attraction to both partners for me to enjoy myself. A sexually stimulating couple will ensure that the group play adventure will satisfy my sexual appetite. The combination of a well built man and his sexy, voluptuous female partner leads to an evening of fun and trouble.

Showing a couple some new tips and tricks that they wouldn’t have found on their own is also very empowering. In the latest of my group play adventures, I was with a really hot young girl and her sexy partner. I went down on her pussy for so long that night, making her cum over and over again while her husband fucked me from behind.

As amazing as that orgasm was, the best part was teaching them something new.

During that sexy group play adventure, I was able to teach him how to make her squirt. Neither of them ever thought she was even capable of having a squirting orgasm. That night, I proved just how multi-orgasmic she could be. She came so many times that night that we turned that bed into a water bed before the evening came to an end.

Of course I have a wealth of experience and knowledge with gang bangs in my history of group play adventures. While they can often seem like it’s all about satisfying the men, my gang bangs have been all about pleasing me. I love sucking on multiple cocks, while my pussy if being properly serviced and knowing that anal play will soon be part of the fun. Enjoying the waves of pleasure roll through me while all my holes are being filled by different men is exhilarating.

If you haven’t had any group play adventures of your own, I definitely recommend you add them to your sexual bucket list.

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