September 24, 2014

My Sabrina,

Your invitation stirred many emotions, and even more desires, as I am sure you knew it would. Powerful, dangerous, dark desires are surging through my body as I read your words and imagine the intensity of the discoveries that are destined to begin this evening.

My preparations are underway, Sabrina. A straight razor is awaiting me even as I write these words to you, freshly sharpened and brandished skilfully by my long-time assistant. Then to my dressing room to select the suit that has been waiting for this very moment, the moment when your manicured fingers will undress me slowly, with initial nerves giving way to the confidence of a woman who knows that her destiny stands before her.

My fingers dance even now, Sabrina, as I imagine them touching your skin, feeling you rise to me for the first of so many times. I close my eyes and touch myself (as only a vision of you can make me do) and close my fingers on my already-hard, thick shaft. I stroke slowly, imagining my fingertips sliding into your wet pussy for the first time, hearing your gasp slightly. Yes, Sabrina, I do know how to touch you, where to touch you, in order to bring that gasp to your soft, sweet lips.  I stroke myself slowly, imagining my fingers moving deeper inside you, feeling your wetness and the desire that has been pent-up, awaiting this release, for so long now. Deeper they explore, filling you, my fingers knowing, strong, confident. I curl the tip of my finger slightly, and you almost leap from the bed as shock waves of pleasure shoot through every fiber of your being.

I smile. Knowing how to make your body dance is intensely erotic, Sabrina. More than a mere turn-on (such a sad, common phrase), this power ripples through the universe like a message to all lovers, in all places. Touch and be touched, the waves of pleasure announce, as Griffin touches Sabrina. My lips are on your neck now, as though magically, as my fingers continue to fill you with wave after wave of near-climax. I control you, Sabrina, walking you on that razor’s edge of release, but never allowing you to cross over fully. My tongue caresses your nipples know, tracing the stunning curve of your breasts. Your back arches. Your voice cries out. Demanding? Begging? Pleading? Or something deeper, more primal, more deeply and truly your own?

My fingers fill you now, completely. Deeper than any mere mortal man has ever travelled into your desires, your pussy expands for me, embracing my power with throbbing wetness. I thrust once. Warning or promise? I smile again, feeling my cock reaching its fullest length now even as I touch myself. And these are only my fingers, Sabrina. So, so much more for you to feel filling you this evening.

I imagine your moans becoming a long, pulsating scream as I allow you, finally, to topple over into the most intense orgasm you have ever experienced. You cum for me, long and loud and hard, til you catch your breathe and words cease altogether. You quiver uncontrollably on my penetrating fingers.

But my razor awaits. The water is steaming now.

Yes, Sabrina, I will be coming to your bed this evening, furious with desire, hardened to the task of sweeping your being into chasms of pleasures and sensations that you have never imagined possible in this world.

My driver has pulled the car to your front door, Sabrina. It is black, luxurious, and idling quietly as I step into the street, cascaded with moonlight. Pull your blinds aside slightly, and you shall see me, Sabrina. Tall, strong, powerful. Coming for you. Coming to fill you.

The car has left, Sabrina, sent away until I summon it again, but I expect that call to never occur. Once inside, I intend to become part of your life, your dreams, your soul. My leather-gloved hand pushes the door to your world open, Sabrina. It is unlocked, as you promise. You can hear me now, perhaps. Sense my presence, most certainly. I catch the scent of you, Sabrina, as I step to the first stair of the winding stairway to your bedroom. My body surges with desire, my steel-blue eyes flash in anticipation. I am coming for you, Ms Davenport. To ravage you, devour you, savor you. To make you mine. Finally. Eternally. Completely.

Your lover,




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