Okay..I’ll admit it: I was totally a greedy sugar baby.

But I think you need the whole story to really understand because maybe once I’m done telling this story you’ll find yourself even kind of feeling a little bad for me. Yes, I did overstep my boundaries and yes, I did act as a too greedy sugar baby. However honestly was that mean it was okay for my sugar daddy to snuff me out?

Really when you think about it, I was only acting in a way that he had made me feel safe too! All those hot phone sex sessions, while you were in bed with your wife, made me confident that we were on the same page. I still can’t believe that bitch slept right through it. You never could resist a good time with me, your kinky anal whore. When you told me you were going to buy me that condo right on the beach, I knew from that moment forward the natural progression would be for you to divorce your wifey.

Didn’t you just want it to be us and only us finally, Daddy?

I invite you over to the condo you gifted me and when I open the door your jaw drops. It’s as if you forget how beautiful I am each and every time. Leaning into kiss you with so much passion, I can’t help but reach down and stroke your cock. See? I’m not as much of a greedy sugar baby at this moment. I whisper in your ear to come inside and let me make you a drink. You tell me you’d rather be drinking my pussy juice. Well, that could be arranged! 

I take you by the hand and lead you into the bedroom. The entire time you are passing all of these precious objects and designer items you’ve got for me. You assumed I was satisfied with our arrangement but little did you know I needed more. More of you, more time with you, and most importantly- more money from you. 

My greedy sugar baby ways haven’t shown out all the time but once you have me naked, you really don’t mind how much of a gold digger I am. 

I am riding your face, giving you the expensive pussy juice you crave directly from the source. I decide now is the time to present my idea to you. “We have to get rid of that spouse of yours. I say we just off her and make it look like an accident baby. Don’t you want to be under this sexy body every day? We won’t even have to sneak around anymore.” Suddenly, you flip me over and kiss me. I’m wondering if you heard me at all but it’s not unusual for you to get caught up in the passion of our lovemaking. How could you not? 

You slide your thick and heavy cock inside of me, thrusting deep. Just then I feel your fingers wrap around my beautiful neck and as we are about to cum, you begin squeezing tight. I choke and begin gasping for air while you’re dumping that hot load inside of me. This is serious now, you normally would have let go by this point. Just as it begins to get dark, you whisper to me that being a greedy sugar baby isn’t attractive…


Want to know what happens next to the greedy sugar baby? Call me for some taboo phone sex tonight and I’ll fill you in on all the details they wouldn’t let me write on here! 


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