my favorite boys

I just woke up from the greatest sex filled dream I have ever had.

My dream revolved around one if my ex boyfriends named Mat. Mat had blown me off one night for dinner. Mat decided hanging out watching the game with his buddies was a better idea. When he finally showed up three hours late the meal was ruined. In that three hours I was able to plot my paybacks for the little bastard.
The following Sunday I called Mat and told him to be ready at 1 pm I was picking him up. He started to protest that he had plans to watch the games with his buddies. I informed him that if he ever wanted to get into my panties again he WILL DO AS I SAY. Mat agreed and my plan was put into action. I put the finishing touch’s on my on like ad, then I headed over to pick Mat up.
We pulled into a little highway motel on in the worst part of town. Mat had a confused look on his face. He knew that because we where at a motel that he would be getting laid but he had NO clue what I had in store for him.
Once inside I ordered him to strip. Once he was completely naked I took his clothes and put them in my trunk. I then spread an order less hair remover all over his body, making sure to get every area. Once he showered and I inspected to ensue that there was no hair left on his body, I allowed him to get dressed.
He started to protest the fact that I was making him put on pink and black lace bootie shorts, a black corset with an attached garter and fish net stockings. I informed him that he could leave at any time just the way he was.
As he was getting dressed I started to put on my new toy. A black 8″ thick strap on. The look on his face as I started to rub lube all over my toy cock was priceless. He now knew exactly how he was getting laid. I put him on the bed on his hands and knees with his ass facing the door. I slipped in behind him and started to pound his ass with everything that I had in me.
After 10 minutes of not stop pounding and hearing him beg me to fuck him harder I knew it was time for part two.
I pulled my rubber cock from his ass leaving him begging for more. I slipped a silk scarf around his one hand and tied it off to the head board. Then did the same with his other arm. Once I knew that he was completely secured and could not move I put a blind fold on him.
Having him completely dressed as a woman begging for me to continue fucking him was pure pleasure. The knock at the door was even more satisfying. I opened the door and let the first guy in. My on line ad was working. The guy was a well built older guy. When he looked at Mat completely dressed and helpless he got a great big smile. Without saying a word he undressed and slid his cock into Mats already well ducked ass. Mat realized immediately that he was being fucked by a real cock, and it did not matter. He was bucking wildly as the first guy drilled his ass. After a few minutes he unloaded his cum in Mats ass sending him into a cum crazed state.
This went in for the next 6 hours with cocks from 13 different guys filling Mats ass with enough cum to fill a water bottle.
Paybacks are a bitch and so am I.