Graphic Nude Models and How We Get the Job Done!

Graphic nude models work our asses off and there are so many ways to do it. If you’re a sneaky Mrs. like me, it takes an awful lot of finagling in order to not get caught. First of all, my husband is a straight-laced hard-nosed attorney and if he knew half the shit I get into… well, let’s just say, it wouldn’t be pretty. But, you know, the work itself is a beautiful thing. And the sex that comes from it is always sublime. Even more, it affords me a small amount of independence from Mr. Fancy Pants!

Indeed, graphic nude models have been around since the old times in Greece and the work is both difficult and rewarding. You have to be comfy in your own skin, that’s for sure! And getting into those poses is, well let’s just say, super exposing!

No covering up here!

I use a ‘modeling bag’, but unlike lots of other girls, mine has a robe, in case it gets cold (it never does), or to use on breaks, a protein snack (in case I need the pick-me-up), a remote-controlled clit stimulator for my panties, because that makes any modeling gig a win! I also carry condoms in varying sizes, just in case. And the last thing I carry is my little, black book.  That is a must if you wanna keep in touch.  Oh, boy! There were some that I very much wanted to touch again and again.

In fact, as quiet as it’s kept, the hardest part, is the hardest part, Darlin’! haha. But, truthfully if you don’t have great interviewing skills, you’re never getting the job.  For instance, that very first time.  I’ll never forget it.

Punctuality is key for a graphic nude model!

Showing up late is Diva behavior and something I’d never do. I got there fifteen minutes prior to the appointed time and I was wearing the most adorable outfit. Likewise, I had my ‘girls’ in full plump! That photographer took a gander at my bodacious bod and created a tent in his trousers. He stuttered a second as he tried to introduce himself. He held out a hand, but I told him, ‘I don’t shake hands with gorgeous men, Darlin’!’

Instead, I slipped my dainty hand downward and landed it right on his dick! He nearly jumped from his skin, though he recovered quickly enough. I set about showing him why he needed to hire me first!  Slurping and sucking, and hell, blowjobs might well have been one of my favorite extreme sexual fetishes at that moment!

There are so many ways to skin a cat.

And that cat never purred so well as when he poured his warm juices down my throat! It was a closed audition, but, that didn’t stop the photo assistants from crowding behind that bid velvet curtain. They followed along with every twirl of my greedy tongue and one or two of them were rubbing, kissing and stroking each other. Party time!

That was one of the many interviews that I successfully, handled over the many years since I started as a graphic nude model. Looking for hot phone sex, but haven’t found it? Maybe, you’ve been looking in all the wrong places! Call me. I’m down and dirty. I’m Dixie. Check me out for all types of Fetish Phone Sex! Just ASK for what you need!

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