I am outgoing and not afraid to flirt. Sooner or later, most of my neighbors them find their way into my bed. Furthermore, back in the day, I was throwing naughty Hot Naked Moms parties to bring out all the inner lesbians in our crowd! Consequently, one of those neighbors, Jim, is quite a randy fellow. He has been after me for months. I enjoy the game with him so much that we haven’t found our way to actual intercourse just yet. Little do I know, he will bring out my Granny Small Penis Humiliation with that pecker he calls a cock.

Anyway, tonight is our annual neighborhood adult bash and I am letting Jim make it to a base. Whether he gets a homerun is yet to be decided. We have quite the naughty neighborhood and most of us love to fuck around with each other. Also, Jim is newer to our community. He is being hesitant and not jumping on the sex bandwagon yet.

At tonight’s event, his itty bitty sausage will get the best granny small penis humiliation.

I am walking over to our clubhouse feeling like a smokin’ hot diva. Wearing my favorite sundress, tan from the summer sun and my beige wedges, I look amazing. Furthermore, knowing how much fun tonight is going to be is making my sexy pussy tingle with excitement. Above all, our clubhouse is fantastic. We have tons of room for all the debauchery that is going on at tonight’s bash.

Truth is, I never know when it happens. Running into that tiny little dick and having to give them my granny small penis humiliation. One thing is for certain, I am not holding back on any guy when that little dick comes out to play. Certainly, a dick is a dick you say, but I am here telling you that is just not true.

As a mature Goddess, I am a size queen.

My perfect pussy requires a man-size cock to make it happy. Therefore, I don’t have time for no short dick man in my life. Oh, look there is Jim making a beeline for me. Smiling like the cat the ate the mouse he leans in and is hugging me in a very intimate way. I say hello and he takes my hand, leading me outside to a private spot by the pool. Seems like, tonight is the night he is getting aggressive.

Leaning into me, he whispers he wants to taste my pussy tonight. Damn, he got froggy and jumped right in the pond with that one! Go, Jim!!! We are kissing and groping and my pussy is heating up like a warm fireplace. He suggests we move to one of the private rooms we have set up and off we go. Closing the door we are sitting on a comfy sofa as he scoots closer to me.

One more experience to lend value to my GILF phone sex.

Exploring each other with our hands and lips is exciting. My body is ready for fun as my nipples stand at attention. Jim is good with those lips as he is sucking my tits. Many men are good with their hands and lips but I generally I have found that the rest are that way to compensate for an inadequate cock. Shit, my brain has registered this could be the case and I am ready for the granny small penis humiliation to commence!

Coming to his crotch, I am hesitant because I am beyond disappointed he might have a mini cock. As my hand scoots across the crotch there is barely a bulge and I know, he has an itty bitty teeny weeny pecker. Therefore, I stop midstream and lean back looking at him. Jim is looking confused and I just blurt it out, “Do you have a tiny dick?” “What?” he says, practically stuttering.

Fuck, what total bummer!

Hence, all intimate activity comes to screeching halt as I lay into him. Seriously, Jim, all this time you have been hesitant because you have an inadequate pecker, you weren’t being shy. He is looking at me with puppy dog eyes and that does it. I am fucking size dude, you can’t bring me a 3-inch dick and expect me to have sex with you. What a fucking loser you are!

Therefore, you knew it would be this way and that is why you have been waiting. I guarantee the other men in our community have spoken about my expectations. Futhermore, it is no wonder you are divorced! What an idiot, you can’t please a woman, can you?! I am so pissed off at your pathetic self right now. Above all, you need to walk away and let me calm down.

Taking a break from Granny Small Penis Humiliation, I breath deeply to calm down.

Staring at me with those sad eyes he slowly gets up and walks out of the room. Finally, sitting there calming down, I realize months of the wasted time were spent on this asshole. All leading to a great big disappointment. Looks like I need someone with a big hard cock to make my night better. Call me?

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