Sweaty men working outside in the heat are so sexy and

set the stage for a great granny sex story!!!

As discussed in my previous blog, I am a feisty granny. I love sex and everything about it. This granny gets around. Younger men our one of my favorite playthings. So here is a new addition to my granny sex stories for you!

Our neighborhood association hires a lawn company to do all the yard work. One of these fine young things had been trimming the bushes around my place for a couple weeks. We had made eye contact and established a mutual attraction. Yes, indeed granny sex story time.

This past week I was outside getting in some sunshine by my pool, it was a beautiful day. The young man was right outside my fence trimming when I realized he was checking me out. I stood up and went over to introduce myself. His name was Will, and this was his summer job. He was going to school to be a doctor. Hmmmm…. summer fun!!

This granny cannot resist playing with a sexy young man!

I asked if he would like something cool to drink. He said yes, and I invited him in. Once we were inside he was more relaxed. I decided to see if he might like an adventure into afternoon delight. I reached over and grabbed his cock through his pants. He responded by pulling me in for a passionate kiss.

We were undressed in seconds flat. We never made it to the couch or bed, straight down on the floor. I pinned him down on his back and straddled him. His cock was pulsating and ready. I took no time in going down on it hard. He let out a quick moan and I rode him until we both came!

Then he pulled out his cock and I sucked all our juices off it! We spent the next hour exploring each other’s bodies and finding ways to cum!! What a great afternoon! One more granny sex story lived and to be told!

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