Granny Sex Stories — Because Grannies need love, too!

I often wonder what I’ll look like or be like when I’m in my 80’s or 90’s.  I have no doubt though that I’d still fuck like a rock star, even if I’m doing it with my tennis ball walker on hand.  Yea, I’d probably be using one.  After all, my tits are massive, as you can see.  And they’re only going to get bigger if I ever settle down and have a few kids.  My veiny milk bags will be swinging down to my belly button.  But I bet you that I could fit more than one cock in between them as a result.

What about my teeth?!

Probably gone.  But if you’re a blowjob queen like me, that’s kind of a good thing.  Especially when it comes to thick, black cock.  With no teeth to worry about, I could probably take thicker, long dicks, and guys could fuck my face with no worries.  Giving a good blowjob is kind of like riding a bike.  You never truly forget how to do it.  Even if my mind goes, those familiar movements are etched in my brain.  My soft, vein-covered hands will still give your cock a nice firm grip as it slides back and forth trying to squeeze every last drop out.

Will I still cum?

Baby, if your dick is thick enough, I will cum gallons.  My clit will love big cock just as much as I love it now.  Don’t worry about breaking my hips.  Go for it.  Pound me good!  Then cum, point-blank, inside me!  What’s it matter?  I’m 95.  I could take the cum of 10 healthy, young men and still not worry.  So give me that cock milk.  It’s good for my bones.

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