Sitting in my living room, minding my own business and there is a knock on my door. Opening the door, it is my grandson and a young woman with sunglasses on. I am not expecting the granny cloning fun that follows.

Jimmy is extremely urgent to come inside and I bring them both in. Of course, I am wondering who this young lady is. Considering she is not his wife or family. Although, she does seem familiar to me.

Then, he tells me I should sit down to hear his explanation. So, I sit down and he explains what he does at his job. They clone things. Normally, not humans. However, he thought I was so wonderful, he wanted a younger version.

Why I am not sure but it will be for granny cloning fun today.

He is explaining I am such a lady. Calm, reserved, proper, and such. However, my clone is a horn dog and won’t stop touching him. Once she took off the sunglasses it was me at eighteen.

At this point, I can’t help but bust out laughing my ass off. Jimmy is staring at me as if I have lost my mind. So, I proceed to fill my grandson in. At eighteen, I was a full-blown wild whore. I even had granny lesbian fun.

Bless his heart. He is sitting there in shock. I explain it isn’t a bad thing as we can have some granny cloning fun. And, that lucky for me back then, I met his grandfather.

That man was a rockstar lover with a huge cock.

I explain that my desires are still here today but I keep them under control to be the woman they expect me to be. However, I crave giant cocks day in and day out!

Of course, Jimmy is a bit overwhelmed by all this information. So much so that he has missed my statement that we can have some fun today. To snap him out of it, I stand up and take charge.

Looking at him, I say, let’s play with her. Perplexed by my statement, I tell him, “I want to eat my own pussy.” Well, boy, that brings him to the present moment! He is ready for the granny cloning fun then!

We help, Eva is the name Jimmy gave her, undress. And this sexy GILF gets undressed as well. I get between my younger long legs and go down on that barely legal pussy. Damn, I taste good too! Jerry is stroking himself as he watches us.

The younger me has Eva, is cumming in no time with our granny cloning fun.

When I stand up, my grandson kisses me and licks Eva’s juices off my face. Since his big dick is out, I drop down to my knees to suck it. I motion for Eva to join me.

Together we suck that big dick as we french kiss each other. Looking up at him, I ask how it feels to have two of his grandmas sucking him off. I feel his knees almost buckle.

Then, he is ready to pop young Eva’s cherry. It is time for the granny cloning fun to get real! I am caressing and kissing her. Along with that, I am playing with perfect young tits.

Jimmy is positioning himself between Eva’s legs.

I can see by the look on his face she is tight. She is whimpering slightly as he pushes into her. Of course, that goes away once he starts to fuck her/me. Then, they are going at it and cumming together.

His face is pure pleasure, as is hers. Jimmy looks at me and says, “I just fucked my granny!” I smile from ear to ear and say, we are just getting started too!

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