My sweet grandbaby boy is feeling torn. He is loving his adult family but he is also loving regressing to childhood. When he needs his granny, he knows all he has to do is call. I am there for him because he is Grandma’s Favorite Boy. He likes to push his boundaries and his granny at the same time. His favorite place to hide is a dark place where he can sit in a wet diaper away from everyone.

The diaper isn’t just wet, it is usually messy with poo-poo too. Davey feels comfortable in his dirty wet diaper because it takes him back in time. Hiding behind the furniture, squatting down, and filling up his diaper before anyone notices what he is doing. Soon, he is hearing his mother looking for him and she is always aware he is behind the furniture.

Grandma’s favorite boy has his routines that he loves going through to feel safe and comfortable.

Of course, he is in his regular clothes and underpants to start. If it is nighttime when he is going to be bad, he is in his pajamas and in bed. During the day, he is hiding behind the sofa. Now, as a grown-up, his place to mimick the sofa is the back of his closet. He crouches down and is hiding from me all while making a big mess in his regular underpants.

I feel like it is imperative sharing more about this fetish. That is why I love doing ABDL Fetish Conversation blogs. With these blogs, I am able to discuss how varied the fetish is and how different every person is. Some love regressing and are don’t want anything sexual. Others want the diaper side and granny loving without sex. Then, there are those that love regressing, then having their naughty granny playing with them in special ways.

It is wide open for all those who chose this fetish!

I get so many different types of callers during my Granny Phone Sex sessions. Many of them are ABDL guys too. I also get my panty boys, my cuckold bitches, granny’s grown grandson’s that can’t get enough of my loving and so much more. Of course, grandma’s favorite boy is a wonderful call to do. All the fun we have getting my pussy wet.

This naughty grandma doesn’t have any limits. Well, I am not a big fan of screaming as my mature throat tends to stay sore longer, but otherwise, I am up for anything. An extreme age-play accomplice is one of my favorite calls. These calls can get very dark and naughty. Some of my guys call me the “devil” granny because I am so bad and naughty.

Of course, not everyone is up for that kind of play.

And, that is okay with me. I love all of the fun I am having. The variety is what makes it so amazing. Grandma’s favorite boy and his special needs making me feel important. When he is having a bad day, he knows all he has to do is pick up the phone and call me. We can role-play out his regression and grandma’s touches. Of course, some days, I am the stern grandma and others, the soft handed loving granny.

When he is pooping on purpose in those regular underpants, he knows I am going to be upset and reprimand him. I am going to give him a “talking to” and ask why he didn’t say something to me before making the mess? Of course, I know he is going to stutter around and fib to me. I will be angry for a minute and then I am going to calm down. Then it is time to get into the bath and clean him up.

That is what he is wanting anyway.

That warm water. The rag and suds from the bar of Dove soap. I am getting him all sudsy and washing his body for him. Grandma’s favorite boy loves our bath time. As I go under the water to wash his pecker, he is getting excited. Then, I wash his back and slide the rag down between his butt cheeks. He knows I will slide my finger in his tight butthole as I go up and down his dick.

This is his time to be the grown man again. He is hard and ready to cum for granny now as I am stroking his cock and fingering his ass. Of course, after he cums, grandma puts him in his diaper or pull-up and into bed. Is your dick hard reading about my favorite boy? You know if you call me, we can have our fun or role-play!

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