Gothic Fetish? I Sure Do Love A Man Or Lady In Black!

Gothic fetish may not sound like a fetish at ALL but like, if you took a look into my past and my inspirations and music you would get it. I mean, I absolutely LOVE a man or woman in all black with dark makeup. I can’t get enough. Oh man, do I love the dark.

So, let’s see… I have this thing for people that are of the gothic subculture. It started when I was 6 years old. I watched The Crow for the first time with my mom. I fell in love with Brandon Lee and watched the movie over and over again!

And I remember thinking about marrying him… even though he’s been dead since before the movie’s release. Such a beautiful man that Eric Draven. And I still love him to this day!

I actually have even had sex whilst watching The Crow. About 5 years ago my ex fingered me and fucked me as we watched The Crow from his bedroom. The tv was in our view from the bed and our other roommates were on the couch and had NO idea we were fucking. It’s a very fond memory of mine.

And Brandon Lee is just the start of my gothic fetish.

From then on I fell in love with Fairuza Balk in The Craft, Elvira, Morticia Addams, gothic music of all kinds, the color black… really just the entire subculture. I have never had a boyfriend or girlfriend who wasn’t part of the goth subculture! My first boyfriend to my most recent boyfriend.

Well, I think the only normie I have dated was my most recent ex. He was not gothic at ALL. But, the rest of them were all gothic. And the one that comes to my mind the most is my ex-girlfriend, Frankie.

Frankie is HOT. She has these massive tits, a big ass, and is thick al over. And wears the skimpiest clothes all the time. Mmm, and she has one tasty pussy!

I still get hot nudes from her when her boyfriend isn’t around. She’s even come to visit me a few times and we fucked as much as we could in the time we had together. We cannot get enough of each other’s pussies. And my favorite thing she does is when she wears her thigh-high boots, short black dress, and no panties!

And oof, she can eat pussy, let me tell you. Her beautiful, big lips on my pussy feels so good, and watching her black hair fall onto my thighs and those boots up in the air… so hot! And her pussy is so tasty and I love it because she has just a little bit of pubes and it’s hot.

And my best sex with a gothic guy?

It has to be Devin and he was so lovely and pale and had beautiful long black hair. His cock was about 7 inches and VERY thick. It felt absolutely amazing every single time he would enter me. I fell in love with him and even turned into a cheating temptress and fucked him not so long ago.

I could go on and on and on about all of my beautiful exes but I have to tell you guys more about my fetish! Gothic culture is dark, gloomy, beautiful, and intense. I seriously love to get wrapped up in someone’s goth. I fall in love so fast with them.

It’s just something about that black eye makeup and dark hair that really gets me going. And the way they love the dark and everything spooky! I am a big fan of things like Halloween and black and bats, cats, rats, and more. So, it makes sense why I can get so into a gothic guy or girl.

Well, what about you? Do you have a gothic fetish as well? Come on now, don’t be shy. I want to know all about it and what turns you on about them.

Call me up and let us talk about the subculture, our favorite goth icons, or crushes, our exes, and then get into a little roleplay that involves something goth. Cum play with me… you’ll see why I am so popular with the goths.

Ready for some fetish phone sex? Baby, I got you.