I had no idea my latest escort call would be such a weird fetish!

When the escort agency sent me out on a late-night call I was warned that the guy had a weird fetish. Of course, my mind started to race the second I heard that. I couldn’t help but wonder just what this guy had in mind for me. There are just so many different fetishes out there, it could be anything really. I was definitely nervous when I went to the hotel room and I noticed the door was open already. He was in the bathroom just stepping out of the shower when I walked in. I couldn’t see him but I could hear his voice.

I think I was holding my breath waiting to hear just what his weird fetish was. That’s when he started to tell me that he had the hots for his daughter. That’s why he was so specific about what the young girl that was sent should look like. He told me how hard she constantly made his dick and that he wanted to fuck her so bad it was driving him crazy!

Finally he decided he better call an escort agency before he gave in and did something about his lust for his little girl.

He asked me to wait on the bed for him in my schoolgirl uniform and pigtails till he came out. I was laying on the bed with my legs spread when he walked out and I saw that it was my daddy! OMG, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The second he saw that it was me his dick stood straight up and I couldn’t help but grab on to it. The thought of my daddy jerking off to me for so long made my tight teen pussy instantly start to drip. Daddy fucked my mouth, my pussy, and my little ass before his time with me was up!

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