Do you have a crush on your step mom?

Do you dream about what it would be like to take dad’s place in between her silky thighs? Your fantasies are about that sexy step mom ever night, aren’t they? You grew up watching her prance around the house in those sexy little nothings she calls clothes. You make sure that you are next in the bathroom after she takes those long bubble baths, just so you can sit where she sat and know that your naked skin is touching the place where her nakedness was just minutes before. Gets you hard, doesn’t it? You imagine it’s her hand that is stroking your cock, bringing you to the brink of cumming and then letting you topple over in spurts of thick creamy jizz.

Have you ever thought about telling her? What do you think her reaction would be? What do you hope that sexy step mom of yours would say? Maybe you should give it a shot… Just like my stepson did, because you never know what could happen! We were on the way home from dropping his dad off at the airport for a business trip and he nervously started telling me that I’ve been the subject of his fantasies since he started having them.

Shocked, at first, it was still pretty intriguing. His dad had been my only lover for so long and he was young, strong and virile. Deciding to feel him out a little more, I finally asked him what he’d want to do if he was given just one chance. He immediately said he’d love to feel my big, soft titties.

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, my mind started spinning with possibilities and my panties got wet.

Once we got home I took him by the hand and led him to the master bedroom. His poor eyes looked like they would pop out of his head. He couldn’t believe he was actually going to get a chance to do all the things that he had dreamed of while jerking his cock since puberty! Now, with a stepmom this hot, how would you use this opportunity? Tell me! I want to hear all about your incest phone sex fantasies! Stay tuned for more of my Free Sex Stories!