In our family incest is normal. For many generations, we have been enjoying incest and age-play. Most of society deems this a taboo topic, but not my family. It is our lifestyle and we are loving it. I give my family amazing gorgeous granny playtime. With the scare from this Corona Virus, my grandkids are out of school until April or May. They are asking to stay with me and their parents are more than happily obliging.

Of course, I love having them here with me. Yes, we do many naughty things, but not all our time is doing sexual training. We love playing board games and many other things, using our imaginations. The kids are so intelligent and love creating games, art and anything else they can come up with during our adventures.

I just know I love having them here for gorgeous granny playtime.

I am still working while they are here, doing my GILF phone sex. They continue to impress me with their maturity and respect for my work time. The older kids are keeping the younger kids entertained and busy, while I am in my office taking calls. Of course, I work overnight mostly so they are usually sleeping when I am on. That is also helpful to keep them out of my hair.

They are wonderful kids and I am loving having them here with me during this time. I am teaching them to cook, bake and many other valuable talents. Not only are they good in the sheets, but they also have needed survival skills too. When they are fully grown, I want them completely independent, unlike many in their current generation. So scary. That is why is great they have this gorgeous granny playtime.

Similarly, they have lots of questions about life that we now have time to conquer.

After breakfast, we stay sitting at the table and I let the kids pose their questions. We spend this time going over answers, showing them how to properly research and then have the final results. Once our Q & A is ending, it is time for our gorgeous granny playtime. I want their stay here to be productive and not just fun and games.

Of course, we are still having our naughty fun and I am hosting Amateur GILF Accomplice fun with my fuck buddies and other guests. The kids are completely into playing with others in dirty ways, making me so proud of them. We are limited on the details here in our blogs, but trust me when I say, there are NO boundaries during our call’s dirty fun.

I don’t know if you realize this, I have NO LIMITS on my calls!

That means, other than what is illegal, we can do all the nasty things you are fantasizing about during our calls. I love all things incest, age, and family-play and I am open to the darkest of fun, including snuff. My goal is quenching your thirsts like no other girls, giving you the ultimate in phone sex fun!

Furthermore, you get to hear all these details of what is happening with me and the kids during their stay. Right now, they are in the other room, learning some interesting skills that are going to curl the toes of all my fuck buddies that are playing with us. They are such quick studies, learning and applying all these skills with each of our friends.

I have a lot of requests for gorgeous granny playtime, it is wild all the people that want to come over.

I am happily inviting and welcoming most so that the grandkid’s experiences are outstanding. The more they interact with the better their skills are going to be. They are varying ages and again, we can discuss that on our calls. I love how into the training they are and how much they are loving each other during the process. My sweet little love bugs sharing and kind.

I am a proud granny and willing to share as well. Tonight our guest is my fuck buddy, Bill. He is in town for a week and staying with us. It is going to be one hell of a night! To hear the details all you have to do is call me and I will give them to you!

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