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Well it is officially here, the fall season. That means no more hotties in bikinis sitting at your local beach every second of the day.  But you can always have sexy adult phone chat. I just knew I had to get my last day of summer fun in. So, I decided to go somewhere where there would not be a lot of people, a private beach.  Here I am looking sexy and fine as fuck in my bikini, letting the water hit me. I was enjoying just laying back letting the sun cover my beautiful ebony skin. So it was great , just having a moment to myself. The waves started to rush between my legs and it was so exotic. I couldn’t help but move my fingers right over my throbbing pussy.

Throwing my head back I let the water take me over as I started to mastrubate along side it. This was going to be some send off to the summer time. Just then I heard a rustling coming from the woods behind me. I turned keeping my fingers going. There was a sexy man standing behind me, his cock pushing against his swim trunks. I had thought I was alone, but apparently I was wrong. That dick looked so yummy, I had to have it. I whimpered as I kept pleasuring myself reaching my hand up to his hard dick. His cock was more than a handful and I knew if was going to feel great.

He knelt behind my head and slowly pulled his trunks down letting his cock flop out in my face. I continued rubbing my clit and opened my mouth sucking onto it. In no time he was straddling my face shoving his cock deep down into my throat. The water played it’s little dance around the two of us as we played with each other. Soon I was coating my fingers in my juices and he was cumming all over my face. My end of summer stranger fuck!

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