There Is the Man in Red Then There’s Kinky Naughty Clause.

So who do you want to come over, the man in red or kinky naughty Clause?  I think I’ll take the second one.  I mean, everyone can be good, but being good is not fun all of the time, right?

So, for many years I waited patiently for the man in red to come to my house.  When I’d wake up in the morning there were wonderful things under the tree.  It was a very magical time for me.  I was always told if I got into my bed when I was told, the man would come over to my house and leave his wonderful trail of goodness.  However, that meant being good all year.

Then, I discovered a kinky naughty Clause.

So, there is the man in red.  However, there is the kinky naughty Clause.  My mommy always told me if I wasn’t good I’d get a naughty visit.  I started fantasizing about a man dressed in black and red.  You could say it was a bit of a sexy fetish for me.

He would bestow his punishment.  What that punishment is, would be determined by how naughty you were during the year.  So, I remembered one year I was dared to be as naughty as I could to the Mall Clause.  When I got up there I asked for naughty toys for Christmas, then I pulled my pants down and mooned Santa.

I remember my mom spanking my bottom that night which I loved so much.  My mommy took him aside and spoke to him briefly.  I saw him wink and smile as we walked away.

So, I tried to sleep but had trouble.

I tossed and turned in my bed.  Suddenly I heard a noise.  I sat straight up in my bed and listened.  I could hear moaning coming from downstairs, that grew steadily louder.

So, I decided to go downstairs to see what was happening.  Slowly, I crept down the stairs, but not all the way down.  Then my eyes feasted on a sexy vision.  My mom was on the coffee table on her hands and knees.

Behind her was the kinky naughty Clause of my fantasies.  He was spanking her ass so hard and driving his cock inside of her wet pussy.  The lights on the tree showed the action just enough so I could see every detail.

There was more.

Kinky Naughty Clause had a sexy assistant.  This was so new to me.  She was his kinky assistant all dressed in red and black lingerie.  She was stuffing daddy’s mouth with her large strap-on while he stroked his dick.

You could definitely tell that kinky naughty Clause looked so much bigger than my daddy.  The naughty assistant fucked my daddy’s mouth and made him gag as he sucked that big dildo down his throat.

My little pussy got so wet I started finger fucking myself right there.  I stroked my swollen pink clit and spread my legs and wished so hard that I could join in the jovial fun.

I even fantasized about all of them taking me right there.

My year of naughtiness deserved a naughty punishment.  Upon looking at the kinky naughty Clause, I saw he was the same Clause that was at the mall and his assistant.  How kinky it was they came over to the house to join my parents for some sexy fun.

What would it have been like if the naughty assistant spanked me while kinky naughty Clause fucked my pussy.  Then my mommy would go under me and lick up my sweet juices till I came all over her pretty face.

Daddy would be getting another present ready as he filled my mouth with his stiff cock?  What a sweet thought of a Christmas gang bang that would have been.

All I want for Christmas is a kinky naughty Clause to come over to my house.  How about a visit with some taboo phone sex with a bad girl?

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke