Daddy’s Good Little Girl

I’m such a good little girl, staying home and doing all my chores while my daddy is at work. I can’t help but think about him all day. I fantasize about his strong hands and manly features while it makes me so wet. I want to touch myself so bad it hurts, but I can’t. I have to be a good girl. Daddy says if I’m good he’ll reward me when he gets home. It’s all I dream about from the moment I wake up until I hear him come through the door. I want Daddy to come home and make me feel good because only he knows how.

I finally hear him pull into the driveway. I rush to the mirror to make sure I look my best for him. I hear the key unlocking the door, and I’m so excited. He comes in and whispers my name. I go to him and he wraps his arms around me and kisses me softly. My panties are so wet it feels like I’m going to orgasm right there with Daddy’s tongue in my mouth. I need him inside me so bad right now. I want to feel all of him.

Daddy picks me up and carries me to the bedroom. I can feel his breath on my neck making me so hot. He lays me down on the bed gently. His hands sliding up my thighs pulling my dress up further and further. OMG, I want him so bad. He grabs my panties and slides them off slowly with my legs in the air. I spread my legs wide for him, as Daddy unbuttons his jeans and lets them fall to the floor. I can see how hard he is for me and I’m so wet. He lays on top of me. I can feel his hands all over my body. He’s kissing my neck, and I can feel him pressed against me so hard…. I wait for my Daddy all day long.

Will you call me and be my Daddy? I need you right now! Let me be your good little girl.

Signature Adriana 2
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